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our services

  • Dead wooding    
  • Canopy lifting              
  • Service line clearing    
  • Wind firming and thinning
  • Directional pruning      
  • Crown reduction          
  • End weight reduction   
  • Fruit tree pruning        
  • View enhancement            
  • Shearing              
  • Topping               
  • Shaping               
  • Major reductions 
  • Hazard trees      
  • Problem trees    
  • Lot clearing       
  • Hedge removals
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Emerald Tree Service is dedicated to providing the best quality workmanship and ethical tree care practices. We follow ISA pruning standards, municipal pruning bylaws, removal bylaws, and have years of experience working in arboriculture on the South Island. Depending on the municipality you live in
not every tree can be removed without a permit. During our free consultation/quoting we will be able to assess weather or not your trees will need a permit to be worked on. We can also help you with the process of obtaining one if it is required.

To learn more about the bylaws in your area, regarding tree removal and pruning permit applications, click on the municipality you live in.


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